Absolute Roof Solutions Has Staff Training Days to Keep Our Professional Technicians Up-to-date

Stephane Seguin, Absolute Roof Solutions Production Manager

Absolute Roof Solutions has a strong commitment to customer service and professionalism.  To further the knowledge and skill of our core roofing team, Absolute Roof Solutions Production Manager Stephane Seguin holds weekly training sessions on Saturday to go over the best and latest roofing techniques.

Stephane says, "Within Absolute Roof Solution's commitment to excellence towards our clientele in both service and product assembly, we are proactively training and perfecting our knowledge, application techniques, problem-solving efficiency, communication and cultivating a winning team spirit.

Stephane has been in the roofing industry for over 25 years and both in Canada and internationally when he worked for a leading roofing manufacturer.  He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all roofing jobs, commercially and residentially for Absolute Roof.

Even he is impressed with the quality of the roofing staff at ARS.  He says, "We have technicians that come from many backgrounds.  We even have a couple of engineers in there. We have a couple of technicians, red seals. Doug Kerr, our owner, has been able to hire only the best of these.  One of our roofing consultants, salespeople, worked for another manufacturer and another has been in the industry for over 35 years. This gives us the opportunity to give and supply the best, the five-star service that we keep talking about."

And it is true.  Absolute Roof Solutions has had over 30 enthusiastic five-star Google reviews over the last year.

It is also one of the reasons why Absolute Roof Solutions was named “Best Roofing Replacement & Repairs Contractor – Greater Vancouver” by BUILD magazine for 2021!

Stephane concluded, "I've rarely seen an entourage of such high caliber performers in one house. So I'm quite pleased and proud to get up every morning and come running to work as it is truly an opportunity. I also consider it the purest form of self-love to wake early on a Saturday like our staff does and commit their own time to perfect their skills.  It is truly remarkable."

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