Why is That Woman on My Roof? She Works for ARS!

Kizy Melo

Absolute Roof Solutions is proud to introduce Kizy, one of our hard-working roofers, who emigrated from Brazil recently.

The unusual thing about Kizy is that she is a single mother who wanted to be a roofer in this traditionally male-dominated field and approached us for a job. It is still pretty rare to see a woman shingling a roof these days.

Courage and barriers to overcome

Even more impressive is that Kizy had the courage to bring her children to Canada and start a brand new career despite cultural and language barriers. Her native tongue is Portuguese and she is learning English.  While her language skills are improving,  she gives her best daily and other staff find her positive energy is contagious.

It didn’t matter to Absolute Roof Solutions that Kizy lacked experience and knowledge in roofing or had barriers in language.

ARS staff gets extensive company training 

Our company takes pride in providing extensive training to all our staff so they learn the roofing trade the right way, even if they are just starting out.  The only thing that is necessary is a drive to do the best job possible. With that, almost anyone physically able can become a professional roofer.

Gregory Scrimbit, who has over 40 years of roofing experience, has taken Kizi under his wing to learn the trade and apprentice.  Under his tutelage, she has learned all the basic roofing skills relatively quickly and is eager to improve herself.

Supporting the community

As a local roofing company, we are proud to serve our local community. We believe that it is important to reflect the diversity of our community in our team. We strive to hire employees from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to create a team that is reflective of the community we serve.

At Absolute Roof Solutions, we are committed to supporting female roofers and creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment.  That way we can build a stronger community for us all.