Absolute Roof Solutions Celebrates This Festive Season & Client Satisfaction

For our team at Absolute Roof Solutions, this time of year is an opportunity to come together and celebrate the season while reflecting on our values of client satisfaction.

This year, we were delighted to host our event at the Milltown Bar & Grill, a rustic gem located on Richmond Island. With a cozy atmosphere and picturesque views overlooking the Milltown marina and the airport's main runway, it was the perfect setting for our celebration.

Our colleagues from our sister company, Kerr Design Build, joined us in the festivities. We formed a lively group of around 50 staff members and guests, each adding their unique spark to the evening.

The event was not only about celebration but also about recognition and appreciation.

Doug Kerr, the founder of both Absolute Roof Solutions and Kerr Design Build, took the opportunity to present awards to several individuals who had demonstrated exceptional commitment to client care and service. It was a proud moment for all, especially for those from Absolute Roof Solutions who were honoured:

David Trumble, our skilled ARS technician, whose expertise and dedication have been crucial to our success in providing the best in customer service.

Ken Lillejord and Colby Piche, also from the ARS team, were the lucky winners of the eagerly anticipated door prizes.

The Milltown Bar & Grill provided an intimate and inviting backdrop for our gathering. There was a strong sense of unity and shared purpose as we mingled, shared stories and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

This evening was a reflection of our collaborative spirit and a celebration of our joint achievements.

As we look towards the New Year, we are inspired and motivated by our team's dedication and the strong bond we have as a team. This festive gathering reaffirmed our commitment to excellence and reminded us of the strength we draw from our collaborative efforts.