Our Secret Sauce to A Great Client Experience

Colby Piche, Absolute Roof Solutions Service Manager

Our Service Manager, Colby Piche, takes a lot of calls each day from homeowners or business owners looking to get a quote on a repair or replacement for their roofs, skylights or gutters.

“We always get back to the client”

A common refrain he hears from a number of these callers is, “I left a message with another roofing company, but I never heard back from them.  It was weeks ago.”

Colby, who has a background both in roofing and high-level customer service in the automotive industry, knows that ain’t right.

Always keep the client informed

It is communication that clients appreciate the most.  They like to know that their job is important and that they are important enough to receive A+ communication and service.  Consequently, Colby gets back to callers within 24 hours at the most, usually within minutes.  He also ensures that clients are aware of changes in schedules and any other issues that arise in a timely manner so there are no stresses.

Customers appreciate his client-centric approach, as shown by a recent Google review:

“Had a great experience with Colby and Carlos.  Colby was my first contact and was very polite and professional. Carlos was great.  Did roof repair and was very courteous . Can’t say enough about both of them.”

Colby is proud of the high level of professional service provided by Absolute Roof Solutions.  The company now has 125 5-star reviews on Google!

Two frequent questions answered

Sitting on the phones, Colby also runs across two common questions that almost every caller asks.  Unfortunately, there is no pat answer for either.

They are:  “When can I get service?”  and “how much will it cost?”  Unfortunately, the answers to both depend on the availability of our roofing technicians and determining the problem that needs to be fixed.  Whatever the situation, Colby will ensure that you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

So for the best in roofing in Vancouver, give us a call at (604) 263-0334 or fill out our online form.