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Common Roof Caulking Mistakes to Avoid

Sealing Window LeaksWhat’s worse than home repairs? Having to do them twice!

Caulking is an important part of roof maintenance and can help prevent leaks from occurring in your home. It seems like a simple enough task, which is why so many homeowners choose to go the “DIY” route when it comes to this part of roof maintenance. Don’t get stuck repeating your efforts, though! While it seems easy, there are some common mistakes that inexperienced DIYers or first-timers make when caulking their roofing system.

Here are three of the most common mistakes untrained and inexperienced handymen or DIY enthusiasts make:

  • Select the wrong materials: All caulking is not made equal. Using the right type of caulking will make your job easier and more effective. Using urethane caulking will give you the waterproofing you want for the wet Vancouver climate. Avoid buying acrylic options that can shrink or crack and leave gaps. Silicone caulking ensures your roof is sealed and provides sustained benefits like energy savings and waterproofing.
  • Roofer Applying Caulk to House Chimney FlashingMissing leaks: Most people will remember to seal their windows and doors but ignore other areas of their home which can cause even bigger problems if left unsealed. Attics, basements, and crawl spaces are susceptible to leaks and should be thoroughly inspected to make sure your caulking job is complete. Not sure where to look, or have trouble accessing your attic or crawl space? Schedule a roof inspection to get the area properly assessed and sealed.
  • Forgetting the gun: Don’t head home with your caulking if you don’t have a gun to apply it with. You’ll be left with an ineffective and very messy job. Choose the size that is right for your project and ask for tips at the hardware store to help you handle it properly from the start.

Hire a Reliable Roofing Company for Caulking and Roof Maintenance

One sure way to avoid errors? Hire the professionals at Absolute Roof Solutions to get the job done right. Our team of skilled residential and commercial roofers provide services to home and business owners in the Northern Vancouver Area. Our experienced and professional roofing team can quickly identify problems and implement lasting solutions. From annual roof inspections to maintenance services like caulking or more extensive emergency roof repairs, you can trust us for all your roofing needs.

Inexperienced handymen or roofers can cause serious damage with improper caulking. It’s best to leave roof maintenance to an experienced company such as Absolute Roof Solutions. Call us at (604) 263-0334 today.

How to Prevent Roof Leaks

Damaged Shingles On RoofRoof leaks are not just an inconvenience; they cause stress and damage. While dripping water and falling debris would point immediately to a roof leak, not every leak is quite so apparent. In fact, most leaks can take a long time to detect depending on their location, and can cause a lot of damage if left unattended. Absolute Roof Solutions provides professional roofing Vancouver services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Lower Mainland Area, Vancouver. While you can rely on our team to find the source of your roof leaks and provide maintenance services, the best way to treat a leak is to avoid it in the first place!

Here are some helpful tips to keep your roof in great condition and protect your interiors and home’s structure from damage caused by leaks:

  • Trim back overhanging tree limbs: Clearing away any tree branches that hang over the top of your roof will help eliminate the buildup of debris on your roof or in your gutters. Leaves, bark and other debris from nearby trees and plants can cause damage, degrade shingles, or create an unnatural water path that can lead to waterlogging and other problems.
  • Shingles Causing Leaky RoofReseal your flashing and boots: The flashing (edges) and boots (rubber materials that surround vents) are an important part of waterproofing your roof. Caulking and epoxy keep your flashing in place, which is crucial to keeping water outside your home. Schedule a roof inspection to get your flashing and boots properly inspected and repaired. Now is a great time as spring showers do get heavy.
  • Clean your gutters: Your gutters channel water away from your roof and home to a designated area that will properly drain. If there is debris obstructing your gutters from draining the water, a backup could occur, forcing the water to drain somewhere else… likely into your attic or another area of your home! If you find that water has found its way into your home, call for emergency roof repairs.
  • Inspect your roof: If your roof is not easily accessible or visible, there is only so much preventative action you can take. Contact local experts for roof inspections to keep your roof well-maintained and avoid the risk of leaks. At Absolute Roof Solutions, we go a step further by offering a preventative roof maintenance program that includes bi-annual roof inspections.

Hire a Reliable Company for Roof Maintenance

Take action before your roof leaks or becomes damaged. Contact Absolute Roof to schedule a consultation in order to keep your roof functioning and looking its best. Avoid the huge costs and headaches associated with a leaking roof by booking your inspection today.

Absolute Roof Solutions has a team of skilled roofers who are ready to take on your residential and commercial roof repairs in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area. Trust our team to pinpoint the location of any leaks and offer advice for simple preventative measures or maintenance repairs. Increase the longevity of your roof with our affordable maintenance services and fast roofing repairs.

Follow these maintenance tips to prevent your roof from leaking or contact Absolute Roof Solutions at (604) 263-0334 if you have already found a leak.

Why Do Shingles Cup and Curl?

Roof Shingles Cupping And Curling

Shingles protect your roof and keep your home looking great. Unfortunately, they are among the most common causes of trouble for homeowners’ roofs. Strong winds and turbulent weather can cause them to come loose, cup and curl. This leads to an uneven and unsightly looking roof and can lead to leaks and further damage to your roof. Learn more about why shingles cup and curl or, if you are already experiencing issues with your shingles, contact the experts at Absolute Roof Solutions to get quick, quality roof repairs.

All About Shingles

Roof With Damaged Shingles

  • Why do shingles cup and curl? – There are a few common causes that lead to cupping and curling shingles. If the centre of the shingle is concave, the shingle is cupping. If the edges become turned up, they are described as curling. Common causes include age and wear from weather. Hail and a huge variance in temperature are common causes. The asphalt shrinks, leading to cupping and curling. Do not walk on cupping or curling shingles.
  • What are the aging signs? – Take a look at your roof. If you notice the shingles are cracking, cupping, clawing, or there is granule loss or fishmouthing (showing raised edges with curling over the butt-joint of two shingles below), your roof is aging and shingles are showing damage..
  • Should you replace or fix the current shingles? – If your shingles are currently cupping or curling, the structure is compromised and the shingles and roof will be vulnerable to chipping and other damage. Getting a roof inspection from an experienced roofer is essential to prevent further damage from progressing. Once again, be sure not to walk on the roof, as it can cause irreplaceable damage and require a complete roof replacement.

The team at Absolute Roof Solutions offers residential and commercial roof repair services across the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area. From your shingles to your attic, our experienced roofers provide fast and friendly roof repairs to keep your roof looking its best. Rely on our experts to pinpoint the problem, provide tips for prevention and offer repairs for your roof troubles. You can also count on us for emergency repairs.

A few cupped or curled shingles can cause serious and costly damage to your home. Find out more information or get your shingles fixed by contacting Absolute Roof Solutions at (604) 263-0334.

Spring is the Perfect Time for Roof Repairs

New Roof Installation

Your roof takes a beating during the frigid temperatures and wet turbulent weather conditions of a long winter. Spring offers some reprieve, as the roofs tends to be dry so it would be safer to work on.  If you notice any changes to the appearance of your roof, or want to take a proactive approach to caring for your residential roofing, contact Absolute Roof Solutions for a spring roof inspection and roof repairs in West Vancouver.

Why Spring is Best for Roof Repairs

Your roof is an important part of protecting your home from the elements, so choosing to get roof replacement and repairs done at a strategic time can be beneficial. Spring is the perfect time for the following reasons:

New Roof Being Installed

  • High visibility: Once the cold rainy days are gone and before the haze of the summer sets in, you will be able to get a good look at your roof. If you notice shingles that have shrunken, cupped or curled, you should call the best roofing company in West Vancouver for fast, friendly and high-quality roof repairs.
  • Warmer temperatures: Mild weather means that repairs can be completed without making your entire home overly hot or letting in a frigid draft.
  • Easier repairs: The moderate temperatures are also great for roofers in Vancouver. The materials used in roofing perform best in temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold, so they can be installed with the best integrity during the spring.
  • Better schedules: Roofing repairs in West Vancouver really take off during the summer, so work can often be completed more quickly during the spring months before things get busier. Absolute Roof Solutions always provides efficient and friendly repair services and would be happy to schedule your roof repairs or maintenance services.
  • Hidden problems: While the exterior of your roof is more visible once spring has sprung, structural damage, leaks and other issues caused by heavy rain and wind may not be so apparent. Scheduling a roof inspection will give you peace of mind that your roof is ready to handle whatever the rest of the year brings its way.

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring with Roofing Repairs in West Vancouver

Absolute Roof Solutions offers roof inspections, repairs and replacement services for residential and commercial properties in West Vancouver. With nearly 20 years of experience and dedication to getting your roofing job done right and on time, you can count on us to get your roof back in shape for spring.

Winter can be harsh on your roof. Contact Absolute Roof Solutions at (604) 263-0334 for roofing repairs or replacements.

Why is Attic Ventilation So Important?

Proper Attic Ventilation

Water damage is one of the most common and annoying issues faced by homeowners. Water collecting in low-traffic areas that are out of sight, such as the attic, can cause damage since its presence may not be immediately obvious. If left to linger, however, it can cause serious damage behind-the-scenes, leading to expensive roof repairs. Proper attic ventilation can reduce the risk of excess moisture building up and is an important component of roof maintenance.

All About Attic Ventilation

The best way to tackle proper attic ventilation is to hire experts. Absolute Roof Solutions provides residential and commercial roofing inspections in North Vancouver to ensure your roof and ventilation systems are up to code and working properly. Understand the basics before you call:

Attic Ventilation

  • What is attic ventilation? – Attic ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust that allows air to flow through the space and limits the amount of moisture. The most effective ventilation is under the roof assembly, and will offer benefits year-round.
  • Why is attic ventilation important? – Ventilation will create a cooler attic space in the summer and a drier space in the winter. This will also reduce your energy consumption and HVAC costs, and protect your home from structural and water damage.
  • What happens to an attic that has no ventilation in the summer? – Improper ventilation can lead to major issues and expensive repairs. In the summertime, a poorly or non-ventilated attic space can get extremely hot. When combined with moisture, this heat can cause major damage to shingles, causing them to buckle and deteriorate.
  • What are the risks in the winter? – During the winter, warm air from the home often finds its way into the attic and can lead to condensation in the cold attic space. Buckling shingles may appear, rotting of the roof deck, and possibly insulation damage that leads to mold and mildew.
  • What are the options for ventilation? – Installing intake and exhaust vents that are suited to your building and climate will limit the risk of temperature and moisture issues. Soffit vents are most common and are effective for intake. They are installed without anything blocking or insulating their interior in order for air to move freely. Rest assured that they are designed to keep insects and other pests out of your home or commercial property too. Exhaust vents allow air to leave the attic space and are installed at high points on the roof, typically on a high ridge. Combining lower soffit intake vents with higher ridge exhaust vents creates good ventilation.

Unsure if your attic has proper ventilation? If you notice a buildup of moisture, high expenses to cool your home in the summer, or accelerated roof deterioration, make a roof consulting appointment with Absolute Roof Solutions. Preventative roof maintenance can save you a lot of money in the future. Schedule your roof inspection to protect your business or home and address any damage before it causes bigger problems!

Improper attic ventilation can lead to roof deterioration, rust, and even deadly mold. Don’t take any chances! Contact the experts at Absolute Roof Solutions. Call (604) 263-0334 for attic ventilation services.

Importance of Preventative Roof Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance helps protect your building, occupants and business assets from harm. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, pests and intruders. Timely, professional attention can prevent small issues from turning into huge repairs or worse still, early replacement expenses.

3 Key Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Roofing

Industrial ventilation system

  • Protects your building structure against roof failure or collapse and unnecessary downtime costs for your business.
  • A cost-effective way to reduce aging, thereby enhancing commercial roofing performance and lifespan.
  • Proactively identifying problems through periodic roof inspections helps avoid major issues that result in costly repairs and reduce roof life.

How Bi-Annual Roof Inspections Help Maintain the Value of Your Building

Absolute Roof Solutions provides skilled preventative roof maintenance services to protect your investment from potential damage. Businesses across the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area rely on us to optimize the performance and lifespan of their commercial roofing systems. You can count on our roof consulting experts to help maintain your roof in a cost-effective manner.

Bi-annual roof inspections are the very foundation of our preventative roof maintenance program. They assist maintenance efforts by:

  • Predicting and preventing costly damage to your roof
  • Prioritizing and budgeting for important roof repairs
  • Preventing building structural problems and interior damages (including equipment, materials and stock) that can occur from continual leaks and roof damage
  • Avoiding health problems, accidents and resulting penalties arising from unsafe and unhealthy conditions caused by a compromised roof
  • Preventing the devaluation of your property from water seepage, mold growth and a host of other problems originating from a leaky, weak or neglected roof.

A properly maintained roof contributes to the overall attractiveness of your commercial building and helps maintain the value of your property. An aging or damaged roof, on the other hand, could prevent a sale or force you to lower the price if you are looking to sell your property. Our roofing professionals can help avoid any major problems and delay roof replacement through quality repairs done in a timely manner.


Preventative roof maintenance can be a budgeted expense that will save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your roof. Start today!

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions at 604-263-0334 for more information on our preventative roof maintenance services.

Tips to Avoid Roof Repair Scams

Construction workerYour roof needs repair and you don’t want to wait until the problem worsens. Yet, you are worried about how to find the right roofing company for your Vancouver home. You have heard about roof repair scams and want to avoid them. How do you do that? The first step to finding a trusted residential roofing company is to carefully examine the contractor’s credentials before you hire their services. It may require you to do a little homework but it can save you from major roof damage and thousands of dollars in repairs. In fact, make this a rule of thumb for all your home repair projects.

Stories of homeowners being scammed by people who pose as roof repair contractors are fairly common. Pay attention to these warning signs to avoid getting into such a situation.

  • No proper credentials: License, insurance and a business card are the first signs of a legitimate company. If a contractor you are considering cannot provide them, think of it as a red flag. An unmarked truck or van is also an indication that something is not right. Letting an inexperienced person work on your roof is unsafe. Any roofing problem that is not professionally handled will trickle downwards and impact the structural integrity of your home.
  • Successful in the construction businessLack of references: Avoid contractors who cannot demonstrate work history or provide references that will corroborate their work experience. It could indicate that they have not done any real work or that there were problems with the jobs they have done in the past.
  • Being asked to pay upfront: There are only two reasons why a contractor would ask you to pay before the work begins—either they cannot cover the cost of supplies or they intend to take the money and leave the job unfinished. If you are handing over any money to a roofing contractor, make sure you have a written contract and check the fine print carefully.
  • Special deals that are valid for one day: Proceed with caution when a contractor shows up at your door and offers a special price that is valid only if you sign up the same day. Such deals usually end up being more expensive than what the project is actually worth.

Trust your instincts when hiring a company for residential roofing or any other home repairs. Make sure you get everything in writing, i.e. the project specifications as well as any special discount or pricing offers. While it is not uncommon for project specifications to change during a repair job, a detailed quote at the start will keep you fully aware of what is covered and what’s not.

Avoid Scams and Hire the Best Roofing Company in Vancouver

Absolute Roof Solutions is a locally-owned roofing company that has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Lower Mainland Area of Vancouver for close to 20 years. We provide a full range of services including roofing repair, replacement and maintenance to meet your needs.


All our roofing personnel are trained to the highest standards to ensure quality work and your absolute satisfaction. We also make sure that alternative solutions are discussed and contract conditions are fully explained so that there are no surprises.

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions at 604-263-0334 for trusted and reliable residential roofing services in the Lower Mainland Area of Vancouver.

Roofing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Flat roof covering with roofing feltA roof involves a significant financial investment in your commercial property. While a lot of thought typically goes into selecting and installing a quality roof, not enough thought goes into maintaining it. This is unfortunate and will likely be the cause of ongoing repair expenses due to neglect. Commercial roofs, especially flat roofs require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure maximum lifespan, and also to prevent costly leaks and repairs.

A commercial flat roof takes a lot of damage over the year; from extreme weather to structural movement to even foot traffic. Do not let lack of maintenance be another reason your property’s roof breaks down and becomes a costly replacement expense.

Maintenance Tips from Your Local Roofing Company in Vancouver

If you are managing properties with flat roofs, there are a few essential maintenance steps to take annually, including:

  1. Roof Coating and BondingInspect Consistently – The rooftops must be inspected at least once a year. You should also call in professional roofers in Vancouver to inspect after extreme weather. A bad storm could tear up portions of the roof and leave it exposed to the elements.
  2. Maintain the Surface – The flat roof surface requires attention. You need to clear away snow in the winter, keep gutters free and clear of debris, and remove debris in the summer and fall. Excess debris can lead to rot and other issues as well as add stress elements to the flat surface.
  3. Repair Right Away – If a problem does occur with your flat roof, never wait to repair it. Waiting only ensures that you will ultimately need a full-scale replacement. Even if it is a minor tear in the flat surface, have it repaired. Most minor repairs can be picked up during routine inspections.

Consider a Maintenance Program for Your Roof

With your commercial properties, consider hiring Absolute Roof Solutions with a maintenance program. Our preventative services include removing debris, visually inspecting the roof membrane, inspecting metal flashing, performing a safety assessment, testing drainage and even inspecting all electric, plumbing and HVAC equipment, ducts and stacks. After our inspection, you will receive an analysis as well as a detailed, honest estimate for any work or repairs we feel are necessary.


If you are in need of roof leak repair in Vancouver, you can trust in our commercial roofing team to come to your property – even in an emergency – and repair the leak before it becomes detrimental to your premises and occupants.

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions today to request a quote for preventative roof maintenance. Give us a call at 604-263-0334.

What Makes a Good Roofing Company in Vancouver? Who Do You Trust?

rooferWe know there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to roofing contractors. In fact, there are hundreds in the Vancouver area. It is important that before you select a service provider, you should know how to evaluate their capabilities and compare them with others on your shortlist.

How to Identify a Sound, Dependable Vancouver Roofing Company

If you need to hire a roofing contractor, follow these tips to make sure you are hiring a trusted company:

  1. Check out reviews. There are plenty of online review sites and they can tell you a lot about a past customer’s experience with a company. Check out reviews from multiple sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeStars, Customer Lobby, etc. and see what other customers have to say about a roofing company you are considering.
  2. Builder Working On Roof Of New BuildingBBB Rating – The Better Business Bureau rating is another factor to consider. An A rating tells you the company has a good track record and is committed to quality customer service.
  3. Experience – While it is true that every company must start somewhere, for your job, it is better to hire a roofing company that has been around for a few years. This means they are an established business, can provide references and know what they are doing.
  4. Services – Look for a Vancouver roofing company that offers multiple services so that you can establish a long-term relationship with them. For example, a company that offers leak repairs, installations, maintenance, inspections and even gutter work and insulation in your attic is a well-rounded service provider.
  5. Website – Check out the company’s website. They should have information regarding their services, an about page that introduces you to them and their team members and a way to contact them. If the company has limited contact information online, you will need to ask a lot more questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers you receive.

Contact a Roofing Company in Vancouver You Can Trust

When looking for a roofer (whether for a commercial or residential project), you can trust in the knowledge and experience of our team at Absolute Roof Solutions. We have been in business since 1998 and our roofing technicians can do everything from install to maintain to repair and replace your rooftop.

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions today to schedule an appointment. Give us a call at 604-263-0334.

Winter Roof Care Tips – Maximize Your Roof’s Lifespan

A roofing expert changing guttersWinter is especially harsh on Vancouver roofs. While your roof may be rated to last up to 50 years, improper maintenance could significantly reduce how many years you get from your investment. Even with winter in full swing, there are steps you can take to maintain your roof and preserve it.

Roofing Maintenance Tips from the Experts

Each year and throughout the seasons, there are a few things you need to do to keep your roof in good shape. These include:

  1. Keep it clean. Debris is the leading cause of roof damage and leaks. Ensure that your rooftop is free of any debris, such as leaves or branches. Garbage and other waste can also accumulate after a winter storm, so it is important to inspect your roof after the storm and make sure no debris has settled.
  2. Trim overhanging trees. Tree branches that overhang on your roof can damage shingles and may also deposit organic debris that will damage your roof over time. At least once each year, trim back those branches and keep an eye on them. If they start to grow over in the winter, trim them again.
  3. Cleaning a clogged gutterClean out your gutters. Your home’s gutters are essential for maintaining your rooftop and they require annual maintenance too. Clogged gutters can create ice dams, which can eventually back up into your attic and the upper floors of your home. This winter, clean out your gutters and remove leaves as well as other debris.
  4. Upgrade insulation. Your roof will lose heat and allow cool air to enter when you have poor insulation in the attic. Insulation will inhibit heat transfer, making it less likely that heat escapes through the roof. A great winter project to consider is replacing the insulation in your attic.
  5. Rake the roof. Roof rakes remove excess snow from your roof, which will prevent roof leaks and ice dams from forming. Just be cautious as you use them to avoid accidentally hitting the gutters when you draw snow back down. Ideally, you should not even attempt getting up there on your roof in the winter. Call in a professional roofer who has the training, experience and the right equipment for the job.

Call us at 604-263-0334 to schedule your service or fill out an online form.

Contact Trusted Vancouver Roofers for Assistance

To extend the life of your roof, depend on quality service provided by Absolute Roof Solutions. We offer roof inspections and maintenance so that you can get maximum years from your rooftop.

Contact Absolute Roof Solutions today to schedule a maintenance or inspection appointment. Got a leak? Our team will fix it quickly and efficiently.

Keep your roof clean. Debris is one of the leading causes of roof damage and leaks. Contact Absolute Roof Solutions at 604-263-0334 for more information about our Roofing Services.

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