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Space in Between: The Importance of Caulk in Leaking Roof Repair

leaking roof repairShingles or other outermost roofing elements are the most visible components of a roof and of course provide much of the protection against the elements. Even if the shingling is perfect, however, water and debris can still find ways to create opportunities for leaks and related problems. Sometimes it’s what’s not on view that helps provide extra barriers against moisture.

When it comes to roofing, small problems can grow into major issues, and detecting and fixing them early is the best course of action. Qualified contractors who specialize in roof repair understand the importance of applying optimal amounts of suitable caulking when tackling the job.

Caulking Techniques for Leaking Roof Repair

Caulk can be a tricky substance to work with; it is messy and an inexperienced user can end up botching a project if it is applied improperly. There are certain techniques and Read Full Article »

When Green Isn’t Good: Roofing and Repair Services for Moss Damage

roofing and repair servicesThere are plenty of weather conditions and other events that can wreak havoc with any homeowner’s roof. Rain, snow, ice, wind and falling tree limbs… lots of potential roofing issues can arise as a result, either suddenly or gradually.

But do you ever consider the effects of moss, that seemingly innocuous, ever-present west coast plant, on your roof? Probably not, but take heed: those flowerless little green demons are busily releasing spores and reproducing as we speak.

What Causes Moss Accumulation and Why is it a Problem?

Moss is actually a mass of tiny plants called bryophytes that love damp habitats. You can tell at a glance when moss has been proliferating on your shake or Read Full Article »

At the Core: Fiberglass Laminated Shingles and West Coast Roofing

fiberglass laminated shinglesChoosing the right material for the job is usually the first significant step to take before starting any project. When it comes to roofing in Vancouver, it makes especially good sense to find a material that ticks all the right boxes. Skimping on key facets of your west coast home’s roof can lead to inferior performance down the road, including potentially damaging and costly leaks.

When it comes to shingles, obviously one of the most important parts of a residential roofing system, there are many choices as to which shingles style and particular material should be used. An experienced Vancouver roofer knows that one of the best choices for local structures is to install a durable, moisture resistant product for their clients, and fiberglass laminated shingles definitely fit the bill.

What are Fiberglass Laminated Shingles?

Essentially, these shingles start with a base core of fiberglass mat, which is then coated with asphalt and then granules. The fiberglass core has superior strength and Read Full Article »

The Good Hole in Your Roof: Roof Services and Residential Chimneys

roof maintenanceRoof maintenance tends to focus on shake, shingle or membrane application and repair, which take considerable time and by necessity cover the entire top surface of the building. In light of that, homeowners often forget that their residence also has a massive hole in it, but fortunately, one that was created on purpose. It still needs to have regular inspections and upkeep to ensure it doesn’t become a liability, especially in the rainy seasons.

Chimney maintenance is highly dependent on a couple of factors. The first, as with many aspects of roofing in general, is waiting for the right time of the year to start. Read on to learn more about how chimney problems come about and what processes a qualified roofing contractor can undertake. Knowing when to call the experts to fix these common problems can mean all the difference in the long run.

When and Why of Roofing Services and Chimneys

The normal exposure to the elements that all residential roofs undergo in the 25 or so years before major renovations tend to cause various kinds of Read Full Article »

Roof Ready for Winter?

Is Your Home Ready?
Be roof ready for winter and that means for wind, rain, snow and ice!

My Roof is Not Leaking … Yet

snow on roofSnow, ice, wind and harsh weather are very troublesome to roofs.

Your home needs to be ready for winter so that you don’t get any “surprises” in the form of water leaks coming through your ceilings and ruining your floors, furniture or carpets.

Or worse, leaks cause damage that you are not even aware of.

A long-term leak into an attic and down the walls can not only cause unhealthy mold; it may cause rot and other damage before it’s even found.

Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Winter in the Case of Snow and Ice

While the Vancouver and lower mainland area does not get a lot of snow and ice, the amount we do get can still cause problems, especially for older roofs. Read Full Article »

Shake it Up: Understanding Cedar Shake Service Roofing

service roofingWhen choosing which way to go with a residential roofing job, numerous factors come into play. The time of year affects the decision of when to start a major renovation, especially here on the west coast. The major decision about what material to use for a particular roof can cause headaches if the homeowner isn’t knowledgeable about the standards. Shingles versus shakes, pine versus cedar; the choices can make an uninitiated person’s head spin.

Here we’ll underline the specifics of shake service roofing and hopefully grant some insight into the process. Knowing what to look for when it comes to your roof is paramount to having a quick and efficient installation and a great end result.

Shingles or Shakes: What is the Difference?

They both go on roofs and are both made out of wood, so why the different terms? What separates these two types of roofing materials are Read Full Article »

Commercial Roofing and Strata Roof Maintenance

roof maintenanceOf course we think of commercial roofing when it comes to structures such as office buildings, retail shops, warehouses and factories. But in the case of usually strata-run buildings, such as condos and town homes, why refer to commercial roofing and roof maintenance for what are essentially residential units?

The word “strata” evolved to describe the type of building in which apartments or other living units occur on several levels or floors; it was introduced as a legal term in Australia in the early 1960s, a response to the inadequacy of law in making clear distinctions between types of ownership involving units sharing features such as walls, roofs and other common areas. This sense of “strata” has since been adopted for use in many areas around the world, including the province of BC.

Commercial Roofing Approach for Residential Strata Jobs

In many cases, strata building roofs are terraced or occur at differing heights and may even have markedly varied slopes and styles. Yet these stillRead Full Article »

Residential Roof Replacement: Home Improvement that’s Hard to Beat

roof replacementHomeowners can get stuck in a rut when maintaining a house. Paint jobs can be done, siding installed, and a garden planted, but one of the main features of the house will stay the same until its usefulness has diminished to the point of no return. The lifespan of your home’s roof can last for decades, which means that unless you have money to burn, the likelihood of a roof replacement for purely aesthetic reasons is far from likely.

If your house does require a full roof replacement, however, look on the bright side. The need for a total roof replacement gives a homeowner the chance to take a discerning look at the overall appearance of the house and decide what works and what doesn’t from an aesthetic standpoint. If you love the charcoal grey siding accented by fresh white trim but know it doesn’t work well with the faded, Read Full Article »

Choosing a Good Roofing Company

roofing companyOkay, you’re in need of a professional roofing company and aren’t sure how to go about choosing the best one for the job.

Doing a bit of pre-hiring homework makes the process easier and gives you the peace of mind you need. After all, by the time you can tell if a company is doing their work well, your roofing replacement or repair project is well underway. If you’re not impressed, it may be too late to pull the plug without a lot of hassle and wasted time and money. Feel confident from the get-go by considering the following advice.

Does the Roofing Company Have a Thumbs-Up Reputation?

Optimally, the roofing company you want should have positive testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients, whether Read Full Article »

Roofing Options: the Shift from Tar and Gravel to TPO Membrane

TPO Membrane - Commercial RoofingWhether on a residential or commercial structure, a deteriorating roof can cause many problems. Depending on the materials used, having to replace it entirely can be costly. Many legacy buildings have roofs built with outmoded processes, but these days, there are more and more higher-tech options available.

The tar and gravel system was, and in many cases still is, widely used in roofing because of its comparative low cost and good insulation properties. However, new processes involving roof membranes made from a variety of materials can provide the same or better properties, sometimes even at a lower cost.

Particularly, a TPO membrane can be used to replace an existing tar and gravel roof, granting not only savings on materials (tar contains oil and we all know what’s been happening to those prices!), but also in heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

What is a TPO Membrane?

Not to be confused with the similar rubber-based EPDM solution, a TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, is a single ply mat that is laid over Read Full Article »

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