Sometimes It Makes Cents to Replace Your Roof Rather than Repair It

Needs replacement

You can always put off reroofing your home. But there are several good reasons why sometimes you should consider replacing it rather than continuing to repair it as it nears the end of its functional life.

Makes sense for residential homes, not commercial

Now, this is true of residential homes, not commercial buildings. As business roofs are a large capital expenditure, it makes more financial sense to extend the life of a commercial roof through an annual maintenance repair program that is an annual fiscal expense.

Two important questions

For the homeowner, a roof replacement hinges around the questions of "how long are I going to be staying in this house" and "how old is the roof?"

If you plan on selling shortly and your home is a teardown, forget about it.

But if you plan on being in your house for at least six or seven years and your roof is coming to the end of its useful life before then (even if it is not leaking now), there are serious reasons why you should think about doing the replacement sooner rather than later. You are going to have to do it anyway.

Replacement saves costly repairs and possibly expensive damage from leaks

The first reason is that early roof replacement prevents costly emergency roof repairs and possibly expensive damage to your belongings.

As your roof gets old, leaks can develop which are not noticed until they become a real problem and have already created damage inside. That's a nasty and costly surprise.

Or you get a significant rainfall as we've recently had which sprouts a major leak that damages cabinets, carpets, paintings or whatever you have of value in your house. That's not only expensive, it's a tragedy that shouldn't happen to anyone.

Replacing early provides peace of mind if it's got to be replaced anyway

If these kinds of leaks happen when you are away on holiday, it is a catastrophe.

Or if you are sitting down with family to Christmas dinner and they occur, it is worse than annoying.

Emergency repairs are expensive.

If your roof will have to be replaced in the next few years, why not do it now simply for peace of mind?

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