Getting a Strata Roof Job Prepared Even in the Rain

It is pretty customary for roofers not to work when it is raining except for emergency repairs to someone's roof.

Willing to go that extra mile

However, our roofers are more than willing to do it when it is safe and necessary to get a job done or prepped properly.

For example, back in August, our guys had a roof to replace on a large strata property in central Vancouver.

The day that the shingles were delivered to the location, it was raining. Rather than cancel the delivery and delay the job, our roofers, taking into account all safety precautions, took delivery of the shingles and had them lifted onto the roof.

Job completed safely and on time

The next day which was a beautiful Vancouver day, allowed the guys to complete the roof all-in-one go and get the job completed on time.

This is the kind of dedication we cherish at Absolute Roof Solutions. We work safely to complete a job on schedule, even if it is inconvenient.

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