Do Your Gutters Look Like This?

Plants shouldn't be growing here!

We've mentioned this before in a few of our blog articles but it is vitally important that regular maintenance is done on your roof.

Voids warranty

If things like dirt-filled gutters, moss-encrusted shingles are not prevented, any manufacturers' warranty on your shingles will be void.

Destroys your roof

More importantly, these conditions ultimately destroy the ability of your roof to shed rain water properly.  This will lead to leaks and the early demise of your shingles years before their time.  Lack of this basic maintenance will end up costing you, the homeowner, many thousands of dollars years earlier than necessary.

Poof goes your peace of mind and pocketbook

Also it destroys your peace of mind when you have to make an emergency phone call to a roofing company because your roof is leaking in the middle of a rainstorm.

Isn't it worth it to pay a few hundred dollars now to save the cost of that emergency call and repair as well as 5 to 20 thousand dollars down the road?  We think so.

Lack of maintenance can reach the absurd

We are reiterating this point on gutters because the lack of maintenance on a roof can become absurd.

One roof we were recently hired to work on not only had the two conditions just mentioned, but we also found a rather large fern growing down out of one of the gutters.  We had to laugh.

But you shouldn't laugh if your roof is in this condition.  You should cry because we are replacing this one!

Roofing maintenance is not fun to think about

Okay, we understand. Nobody really likes dealing with their roof.  They just think it should work just like the toilet.  Nobody likes calling a plumber either.

The best way to avoid roofing problems is to have the necessary maintenance done on your roof.  Like your car, it needs regular maintenance.  Rather than changing the oil or air filter, a roof needs to be kept free of growth and the gutters need to be kept clean.

It just needs to be done

It doesn't matter if you do it DIY or you call us or even another company. It needs to be done.

Just as you can destroy your car engine by not changing the oil, you destroy your roof by not cleaning the gutters and getting rid of the moss and plant growth from it.

So please help yourself by doing it.

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