3 Tips on Choosing a Good Roofing Company

It's really raining out there and you need to hire a roofer to fix or replace your roof.

So how do you choose?  Let us give you some advice.

  1. Cheaper is not better

The first thing to remember is that "cheaper isn't always better." In fact, with your roof over the long term, it is generally a bad decision. Roofers that operate out of their truck don't have the longevity or organization to provide you with any warranty you can count on.  Sure, the roof might look good after they are done, but do you know that single misplaced roofing nail could cause your roof to leak a few years down the road.  Where will that roofer be then?

You must realize that a roof may seem like a simple matter but it is really a complicated system for protecting your home and its valuables.  It must provide adequate ventilation all year round so there is no heat or condensation buildup.  It must not leak despite having thousands of nails holding it together.

2. Check reputable sources

So the roofer you choose should be reputable.  Here are a few things to check:

Better Business Bureau - The BBB has records of any complaints or actions taken against a business, even when that business is not a member of the BBB, and a statement of whether and/or how the complaint was resolved. Hint: It is better to look for a company’s response to complaints than to expect no complaints at all.

WorkSafe BC - This is the workers’ compensation board for BC. Helpful information may be available through them regarding the safety history of or claims made against a company. A poor safety record can be an indicator of incompetence or sloppy practices.

Business organizations or affiliations – For example, BCAOMA (BC Apartment Owners & Managers Association) serves to educate and help owners and managers connect with well-respected vendors and services. Consider it a good sign if a roofing company displays affiliation with this organization.

Also, you can check online reviews with Google or Yelp.  But remember these reviews can be faked either for good or bad.  If a review seems too strained either way or have too little information to describe an actual experience with the company, it can be suspect.

3. First contact with the company created trust

The interaction you have with the company's representatives is a key factor.

    1. Was the representative prompt?
    2. Did he do an inspection done of your roof and attic to make sure all aspects of your reroof or repair are taken into account?
    3. Did you get a clear and knowledgeable assessment of the job with all cost factors taken into account in a written quote?

A reputable company will insist on the appropriate, good-quality materials necessary to do the job. The presence of substandard materials is a bad indicator. Hint: reliable roofing companies may proudly promote their use of quality brand materials.

Correct choice?

You will know if you chose correctly because a number of things will happen.

    1. The roofing crew will be on time or will contact you to let you know there has been a delay
    2. The job site will be kept neat.
    3. At the end of the day, the job site will be cleaned.
    4. The job will be done promptly.
    5. A final inspection will be done by the roofing project manager
    6. You will receive a warranty

It is no insult to ask a company to display competence in order to gain your confidence. A truly experienced and reliable roofing company will be glad to respond to any concerns and thoroughly answer all of your questions in advance.

Absolute Roof Solutions is this kind of company.  We look forward to helping you with your roof. Give us a call at (604) 263-0334 or fill out our online form.