Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance in Vancouver

Flat Roof Repair and MaintenanceObviously a flat roof is designed differently from a peaked roof. A flat roof has a unique composition that is designed to ensure water doesn’t enter a property while being simple and strong to construct.

It is most commonly used on commercial properties as well as condos, but even on standalone houses.

This distinct design can sometimes make it tricky for Vancouver property owners to recognize the signs that a flat roof needs repair.

1.Pooling Water

All flat roofs have to be able to hold water because of their flat surface. This type of roof does not allow for continuous drainage unlike sloped ones. Due to this, pooling water on a flat roof does not always mean it has been damaged. If pooling water dries up within 24 hours of  raining, this is usually a sign the roof is in good condition.

Torch-on roofing – where asphalt membranes are secured and then fused together with heat – is very common for flat roofs in Vancouver and continues to provide cost-effective coverage, especially for businesses. A properly installed torch-on roof will have enough slant to it to ensure drainage flows correctly, even if slight sagging or settling occurs. It is also strong, durable and light.

2. Missing Granules or Stones

Flat Roof GranulesA flat roof surface contains mineral granules to help bind the protective membrane together and prevent it from splitting or cracking. This will protect the undercoating against the sun and other forms of damage. Granules can often be removed by a combination of rain, standing water, strong winds, snow, as well as contracting and expanding in the cold and heat.  The granules will start to come off as it gets old or with too much poooling water.

If there is a problem with the granules, maintenance should be performed as soon as possible by a professional roofing company in Vancouver, BC. They can quickly regranulate the roof surface before the sun damages it.

Some older flat roofs are a mixture of tar and gravel. It is well and truly time to upgrade any roof like this. Missing and loose gravel is a sign that the roof is wearing out. A torch-on roof is quick, simple and cost-effective, as well as being significantly lighter in weight.

4.Continuous Water Leaks

Often caused by poor installation, water leaks are an ongoing challenge for property owners across Vancouver. When water leaks through a flat roof, the problem is likely related to the flashing, as well as the outer surface. All flat roof systems require an effective moisture barrier to ensure structural performance. Even the smallest breakage in the barrier can cause significant leaks. An expert roofer can usually find the source of a leak pretty quickly and, fortunately, most flat roof systems are easy to lift, fix and replace.

5. Shrinkage

Torch on RoofingSometimes a flat roof’s membrane can contract and shrink enough to cause a problem. This occurs both when the membrane hasn’t been allowed to settle properly after installation and when oils within the system are depleted, either as a result of environmental problems or simply poor installation.

By better understanding their flat roofs and learning the types of problems these systems can suffer, property owners can proactively protect their roofs from long-standing repair challenges. To learn more about flat roof maintenance and repair, speak with a trusted roofing company in Vancouver, BC.

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