Look Up at Your Roof TODAY!

Roof Shingles Cupping And CurlingYour roof is one of the things you usually don’t pay any attention to. You walk out of your house multiple times each day but rarely look up to notice the condition of your shingles, tiles or shakes.

Why should you? Your roof has been fine for years. There haven’t been any leaks or any alarm bells going off. Nothing to worry about.

Take a look at your roof

If it has been a few years since you really looked at your roof to see how it is holding up, a casual visual inspection might reveal some surprises to you.

Might be some surprises

For example, if you have an asphalt roof, that buildup of moss on your shingles is not a good sign. It means your shingles are being compromised and leaks are just down the road.

Also, if your shingles look crispy like cornflakes or are wavy or rippled (called “buckling” in the roofing trade), your shingles are worn out.

With a cedar roof, if your shake ends are dry and splitting or the shakes are cracking, same deal.

A tile roof is at the end of its life if you see that the tiles have shifted or have slipped. It means the fasteners are letting the tiles move.

What do you do?

This casual inspection doesn’t have to be done by an expert. The signs of a roof in distress are pretty easy for any homeowner to see. But the question becomes what do you do if you see any of the warning signs above?

That answer is simple. If you think you might need a new roof, give Absolute Roof Solutions a call and we’ll send out one of our roofing experts. They will give you a free, expert appraisal of the situation and, if necessary, a no-obligation quote on any repairs or roof replacement.

It might turn out that your roof’s condition may not be as bad it seemed. That would certainly be good news.

But you will only find out if you give us a call – (604) 263-0334. Or if you already know you need a new roof or repair, fill out our online form for a quote.