What will your roof really cost you?

By Robin Brunet © 2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

Absolute Roof president and founder Doug Kerr says, “the real difference from one roof to another is the care with which it was put together.”

Of all the components that go into constructing a home, the roof is by far the most important, simply because a properly designed and installed roof keeps everything below it dry, including one’s valuable belongings.

Many building owners appreciate this, and they rely on companies such as Absolute Roof Solutions for new projects (or replacement) in the residential, commercial and strata roof sectors. However, just as many people wrongly assume that materials predominantly make the difference between a good and bad roof,and that corners can be cut on labour. 

In fact, labour is crucial. While a better underlay or longer-lasting shingles do indeed help performance and durability, “the real difference from one roof to another is the care with which it was put  together,” says Absolute Roof president and founder Doug Kerr.

Plus, given the many different types of roofing systems available today, retaining professionals is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make. Kerr points out that on the average  Vancouver roof, over 8,000 nails are hammered into over 3,000 shingles. Another 200 or so other pieces of metal flashings, vents, covers, caps and valleys must be installed, “and if so much as one of these components is installed incorrectly, it can cause your roof to leak.”

Absolute manager Roger Ross, who has been in the business for over a quarter century, is constantly sourcing and nurturing new talent. “It takes about five years to become a journeyman in this profession, and the roofers I work with take enormous pride in their work. Their knowledge has been hard won, and it’s a physically demanding profession, so to be able to provide clients with the backbone of a home is very satisfying to them.”

Absolute sales manager Justin Doyle adds: “Knowledge and skill are everything to roofers, because if they haven’t been taught properly, they can’t install a system to the manufacturer’s  requirements, even if it’s the best system in the world.” The handiwork of Absolute roofers, who are certified to the highest level of Shingle Master training(a certification that less than five per cent of roofers earn), issuchthat clients are provided with warranties for up to 50 years, in some cases.

Kerr notes that because roofing is so physically demanding and repetitious,“mistakes can be made at the end of a hot summer day even by the best guys.” Accordingly, Absolute undertakes a  rigorous quality inspection system both during and upon completion of each project.

Given skyrocketing housing costs, the temptation to cut corners in construction or renovation projects is greater than ever. “It happens all too frequently with roofs,and the result is we get calls  for help several years after an installation has been completed,” says Doyle. “The hard fact is there’s no way to cut corners with roofing and expect anything other than leaks orcompletefailuredownthe road.So  hire a proven company that doesn’t just sell systems, but also its team of professionals.”

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