Roof Ventilation Is More Important Than Ever

Considering the massive heatwave we had back in June and the potential for this happening again, this topic is extremely important because a lack of proper roof ventilation will cause problems for your roof and house

Understand the need for ventilation

Notice we didn't use the word "might" or "could."  We used "will."

The only question is how long will such destruction take for a particular roof.

It is important to understand exactly what adequate attic ventilation is and how it affects the longevity of your roof and house.

What happens when airflow is restricted

Roof ventilation is comprised of a series of intake and exhaust vents placed strategically on your roof that allows adequate air to flow up through your attic both in summer and winter.

An adequate airflow will prevent the buildup of heat and moisture in the summer which can cause your roof shingles to buckle and deteriorate, and warp the roof deck.

In the winter, when warm, moist air rises from your home into your roof, it prevents the buildup of moisture which will mildew and eventually mould the insulation, cause beams to rot and also warp your roof deck.

Moisture and heat are the banes of your roof.

Proper placement of vents

Intake roof vents are usually in the soffit with exhaust vents being close to or on the ridge of your roof.  This allows air to flow up through your roof.

Inexperienced roofers sometimes place vents in the wrong places or don't place enough vents for the size of the roof.  Also over time, insulation can creep over the intake vents blocking the airflow.

If these things occur, the life of your roof will be dramatically shortened.

So it is important that if you notice a buildup of moisture in your home, see that your airconditioning bills are getting high, or observe a rapid deterioration of your roof, it is time to call in the experts.

How Air is Supposed to Move Through Your Roof

Example of a Ridge Vent

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