Why Do Shingles Cup and Curl?

Shingles protect your roof and keep your home looking great.

Unfortunately, they are among the most common causes of trouble for homeowners’ roofs. Strong winds and turbulent weather can cause them to come loose, cup and curl. This leads to an uneven and unsightly looking roof and can lead to leaks and further damage to your roof.

Shingles cup and curl

If the centre of the shingle is concave, the shingle is cupping. If the edges become turned up, they are described as curling.

The most common causes are simply age and wear from the weather. Fluctuations in temperature eventually cause the asphalt to shrink and become brittle, leading to cupping and curling.

Remember, do not walk on cupping or curling shingles.

Other signs of ageing 

If you notice there is significant granule loss from your shingles or fish mouthing (showing raised edges with curling over the butt-joint of two shingles below), your roof is in bad shape.

Roof With Damaged ShinglesShould you replace or fix the current shingles?

If many of your shingles are cupped or curled or showing other signs of wear, the roof's ability to do its job is compromised.

Only an inspection from a roofing professional can really determine whether the whole roof should be replaced or just the damaged shingles.  Such an inspection is something that Absolute Roof Solutions can do for you.

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