Summer is the Best Time to Remove Moss

roof moss removal

Moss damages your roof's shingles. It discolours them and will eventually create a thick matt which destroys your roof's ability to shed water properly. Because of this, shingle manufacturer's will not warranty their product if moss or other vegetation is found growing on a roof.

Voids manufacturer's warranty

CertainTeed, for example, in their Limited Warranty "does not provide protection against, and CertainTeed will have no liability for, any failure, defect or damage as a result of, including but not limited to:...Shading, stains or discoloration to the shingles arising from outside sources such as...fungus, moss, lichens or other vegetation, mold or mildew growth, or paints, chemicals or other similar materials."

So it is important to remove moss as soon as you see it on your roof.

Doesn't take long to grow

Unfortunately, moss doesn't take long to grow in our wet climate. It is spread by spores, strewn about by the wind, which end up attaching themselves to a roof and grow into moss. One season is usually all that is necessary to find the start of a green covering on your shingles which starts to discolour them..

Wrecks roof's ability to drain water properly

Once established, moss wrecks your roof's ability to shed water properly. It starts to fill up the keyways between shingles that are there to funnel water down your roof. When this occurs, water starts to run laterally, rather than straight down, and goes under the shingles, leading to leaks and roof damage.

Needs to be done in summer

Summer is the best time to remove moss from your roof. The non-toxic spray we use to kill the moss is only effective when the plants are fully dry. The compound also needs several days of dry weather to do its job thoroughly.

So now is the time to remove moss from your roof. Don't let it grow under your feet!

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